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Product Launch

Date: December 2015
Project Name: Poland Porsche Product Launch
Product Name: Outdoor Colorful P7.8125 105 square feet
Project leader: Xiaowen Jiang

Poland Porsche Product Launch

Small pitch HD LED display technology, is the use of high-density, small-pitch surface-mount packages as LED display panel that supports the entire screen seamless splicing to form a high-resolution digital display system. Wide range of applications can fully meet the requirements of high-definition broadcast television, command and control, video surveillance, conference and other areas of the display represents the current direction of the indoor display the latest technology, with its superior performance, leading to the development of indoor display technology trend.

Technical Features:

1, the standard unit designed to support the entire screen of any size, "true seamless";
2, point by point brightness, color correction, make sure that the entire screen brightness and color highly reductive and consistency;
3, high contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate, to meet the high-speed moving image display;
4, high brightness low light, the entire screen brightness can be adjusted, fully meet the needs of a variety of indoor display environment brightness. The picture is more beautiful, perfect detail presentation;
5, adjusting the color temperature from 2500K to wide area 10000K, meet the requirements of different applications, particularly suitable for some applications of color have special requirements, such as studios, virtual simulation, video conferencing, medical displays and other applications;
6, die-cast aluminum housing, efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise;
7,10 ten thousand hours long life, easy maintenance, saving operating and maintenance costs;
8, support 7 * 24 hours a day.